Whisky has been made at our family distillery in Roggenreith since 1995. This makes the family-run distillery the first whisky distillery in Austria. 

The second generation is now world-class, distilling grain spirits in its finest form: as whisky. You can experience the fascination of whisky with all your senses at the Whisky World of Experience attached to the distillery.


With core range, based primarily on rye whisky, our family distillery shows foresight and is a pioneer of international trends. There is particular emphasis on local tradition, regionality and individuality. The same goes for our high-quality liqueurs, spirits, vodka and gin that are also produced in our own distillery.

The fascination with the Austrian “Water of Life” is palpable in the Whisky World of Experience. With daily guided tours with tastings, visitors to Lower Austria’s top tourist destination can get up close and feel the enthusiasm of the family.

Whisky World of Experience

Experience the fascination of whisky

Waldviertler Whisky J.H.

Whisky Made in Austria since 1995

Guided Tours & Tasting

Feel passion & taste diversity


Whisky Made in Austria since 1995