Jim Murray’s Whiskybible 2024

Hervorragende Bewertungen für heimischen Whisky

Jedes Jahr wird mit Spannung die Veröffentlichung von Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible erwartet, in der der einflussreiche und renommierte Fachautor über 4.000 Whiskys aus der ganzen Welt verkostet und bewertet. Mit dabei auch wieder die Abfüllungen unserer Destillerie, die durchwegs positives bewertet wurden. Bis zu 95 von 100 möglichen Punkte erzielten die Abfüllungen.

In der Welt des Whiskys ist Jim Murray eine lebende Legende – sein Name steht für Kenntnisreichtum, Leidenschaft und unbestreitbare Expertise. Kürzlich hat er sein kritisches Auge und seinen geschulten Gaumen auf die Whiskys der ersten Whiskydestillerie Österreichs gerichtet, und das Urteil ist eindeutig positiv. Er bezeichnet den Betrieb sogar als “Österreichische Könige des Roggenwhiskys“.

Rare Single Malt J.H. 15 Jahre 100% Gerstenmaltz, dunkel geröstet (92 Punkte)
the malt and oak are pretty equally matched. However, it is the oak which is providing the warmer notes for a freezing early August day….; the house style oils are much reduced here, allowing the barley sugar to build and intensify almost linearly. For the inevitable JH crescendo, we are talking concentrated Malteser candy…; and we are talking sheer deliciousness…; the fact the still intense malt is flanked by spicy oak really makes this a bigger and weightier experience than you might first have expected. The final strains are recognisable chocolate mint; technically, in a different – far higher – league than their rye bottlings. Much cleaner distillate off the still and the malt intensifies to levels that hit unadulterated magnificence. Late on even the house stye of chocolate mint has infused into the fun. 46%

Original Rye Whisky 8 Jahre Roggen/Gerstenmalz (90 Punkte)
proud, clean rye singing its usual crisp song, even with a touch of lavender; the grain is intense on landing and pings out a salivating volley. The tannins are close behind and towards the middle they meet for a juicy, spicy and honeyed hug; just dries and bitters slightly as the oils gather; an unmistakable style from Austria’s kings of crystalline rye. 41%


Original Rye Whisky 15 Jahre Roggen/Gerstenmalz (94 Punkte)
on similar lines to the 8-years old, though now the lavender has blossomed into menthol; delightfully crisp and intense: there are distilleries in Kentucky who would be proud to sport a nose like this to their rye; so brilliantly well rounded is this, there even appears to be a degree of smokiness ensuring softness. It might just be a trick of the casks but there is no mistaking the sheer nakedness of the rye when that powers through a wonderful flotilla of spices and other classy oaky tones. The rye, of course, is still hanging around…as is that mystery smokiness; the great Waldviertler distillery at its very best. Hugely flavoursome, and every flavour hits the bullseye. 46%

Rye Malt Whisky 15 Jahre 100% Roggenmalz (95 Punkte)
initially, a rare case of the almost bourbon-like tannins outflanking a malted rye. Though the rye regrouping and saving something striking to say about that as the nose progresses. Wonderfully clean and concentrated once that rye gets going: this has been perfectly distilled; so many layers of grain, where do you start counting? Rye revealing itself like so many petticoats. But together they grow into something sharp and statement-making; stupendous chocolate joins in the rye-rich fun. The oaky spices hang around, too…; if a whisky was built for the Murray Method, this was it. I created at least five very different versions of this whisky through subtle warming. The difference in oak to rye ratio is breath-taking. I prefer the midpoint when they are evenly matched, but the moment those ryes are in control has all the makings of a winner. Magnificent distillation. 46%

Rare Blended Malt 6 Jahre (91 Punkte)
The fruit is unmistakable – and at times has a distinct grapefruit juice feel, especially on the nose. Clean, cleansing, sweet and most un-Waldviertler-like, save perhaps the fruit and chocolate finish wrapped in growing oils. 46%